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I have moved my blog over to The Pink Envelope!  


Keys to Successful Subscribing

Here are the keys to successful subscribing:

  1. Never subscribe to something without getting a referral link 1st. You get a discount and your friends gets a bonus. Follow my blog to get links & discounts!
  2. Subscribe with a discount so you can try it out first for practically free (see point above).
  3. When you get it, immediately try it out!  If you like it, go & give it a great review.  If you don’t like it go cancel your subscription.
  4. subscription lifeIf you are unsure on your feelings, go online & see if there is a taste profile you can fill out to ensure you get things you really like then try it again.
  5. Do not be afraid to try out several different subscriptions.  It can be so much fun & a time saver.

Subscription Overviews

Confession….I am SO into the #subscription life right now.  If I can #subscribe to it I do.  First it started with magazines, I ended up in 2013 with about 15 magazine subscriptions (I never pay full price & I might have paid for about 7 of them with my money) and what did I end up with…I HUGE stack of partially read magazines & monthly trips to Half Price Books.  So I quickly got over that and moved on. Now I’m into daily life things.  Check out my #reviews before and the links attached to get major #discounts for trying them out!  #coupon

1) Club W– #wine #club #subscription- where I enjoyed getting 3 bottles of wine delivered to my door, I didn’t like the price tag (averaging $12 a bottle) for obscure labels that sometimes tasted horrible.  Then if I did find one I loved, since they were relabels and unknowns it was next to impossible for me to get another bottle.  All in all I liked it, I am no longer subscribed but I was for a few months. I would recommend at least just check it out. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.clubw.com/sfoster6   #clubW  #wineclub #winesubscription #subscriptionlife #clubwcoupon

2) Plated– food/recipe subscription- where I loved trying new #flavors, cooking with new ingredients and learning new ways to cook, I didn’t like the price tag (averaging $12 a plate for small portions of food I still had to cook) and the fact that if one of the ingredients came in bad I had to run to the store to finish cooking.  My 1st plated box had a couple bad ingredients in it.  I ordered 2 different meals for 2 people, so I cooked the 1st one quickly and the 2nd one a couple days later.  Well by 2-3 days later, even more of the ingredients had gone bad. I have heard they have fixed that problem so I just placed another order for 2 new plates for 2.  We will see but I do recommend at least checking it out.  The experience of having everything laid out stress free makes for a great date night. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.plated.com/invites/959b42    #plated #food #foodsubscription #platedmeal #platedcoupon

3) Citrus Lane– #kids #subscription- I have LOVED this one so far!  I signed up for just 1 and loved it!  So I signed up for a 6 months subscription plus gave a friend a subscription.  They focus on organic toys, items and food.  My kiddos love trying new things and I love creative new ideas showing up at my door and for only $27 a month.  Quality products & unique items I would not have bought on my own & samples to try new things, all in all I give this one a thumbs up!  SUBSCRIBE: https://www.citruslane.com/invitedby/Samantha.Foster.5962312   #citruslane #kidssubscription #kidsubscription #toys #toysubscription #organic #citruslanecoupon

4) Wantable– Makeup, Accessories, Intimates & Fitness Subscription- so I tried the intimates subscription and I am very impressed with my selection.  Cute items that all fit great!  One of the tube bras I received I like but I don’t actually wear, the night top I wear all the time and it is amazing, the pajama pants ripped down the side within a couple weeks (bummer) and the lace panties were cute but just a bit too snug so I gave them away.  All in all I was impressed but not in love and for a steep $36 a month I wasn’t that in love so I canceled.  I would like to try the other categories out some time.  SUBSCRIBE: https://www.wantable.com/invites/rRnsjDK0640   #wantable #makeupsubscription #makeup #accessories #accessoriessubscription #intimates #intimatessubscription #fitness #fitnesssubscription #wantablecoupon

5) Ipsy– Makeup Subscription- I loved this one up front as they gave me several samples (and good size samples not the tiny ones) to try new products.  I found some things I LOVED and some things that did not work out.  The reason I canceled was because I was not using them fast enough and ended up with a pile of things to try.  However I will start it back again because it is cheap, $10 a month, and I tried some cool things. SUBSCRIBE: http://www.ipsy.com/home   #ipsy #ipsysubscription #makeupsamples #makeuptrials #samples #ipsycoupon

6) Birchbox– Placed my order 9/3/15

7) Birchbox Man- will be trying soon

8) Fab Fit Fun– Women’s goodies subscription- I have received 2 boxes and I have loved them both! I loved this last box more than my 1st but both had cool new products to check out (a few of you might have seen my fruit water infuser bottle).  I definitely have received more than $50 worth the full size items per box (cost is $49.95).  Everything is full size which is nice.  I received some dry shampoo that will never use so I gifted it to someone who loves using it so all in all everything has been great.  I ran into the same problem here however.  I started to pile all these things I couldn’t use quick enough so I canceled however this one is a must check out. SUBSCRIBE: http://vip.fff.me/3HhQN   #fabfitfun #fabfitfunsubscription #women #womenssubscription #fabfitfuncoupon

9) Adore Me– lingerie subscription- I have received 2 items from them and both were impressive.  The quality was good, the packing cute and the sizing accurate.  The pricing is very reasonable at $39.95 if you do the VIP subscription.  They create Showrooms for you based on your sizing, likes and dislikes.  A dislike for me is that they don’t have a good panty variety, they do almost all thongs and I’m just not that big of a fan.  Do note, if you forget to skip a month and they charge your card, that becomes a store credit, you will not get that money back if you don’t quickly request it back.  Ladies, check it out for any upcoming holiday. SUBSCRIBE: http://my.adore.me/x/sgrDJt
** Update- I decided to give them a try again. I gave up on panties & sexy corsets & went for cute & comfy pj sets & I AM IN LOVE!  My last 2 sets were super soft & great!  Just ordered my 3rd one & I can’t wait!  So far amazing!   #adoreme #adore #lingerie #lingeriesubscription #panties #pantysubscription #bra #brasubscription #pajamas #pajamasubscription #adoremecoupon

10) Home Chef– tried out a new #foodie subscription and its great!  Super yummy, good portions and much easier than Plated.  Some of the meals are just the main portion, no sides, which I think is weird since it is $9.95 per person per meal however all meals can be made under 35 minutes which is great and we tried 3 different ones and all were super yummy!  Everything came in cold and organized!  All in all I recommend trying this one out. SUBSCRIBEhttps://www.homechef.com/invite/jpQ2tzm0QZ5   #homechef #home #chef #homecookedmeal #foodsubscription #food #meal #mealsubscription #homechefcoupon

11) Blue Apron– ok so IMPRESSED!  I think this one has been my favorite thus far.  The easiest to cook and prep and the yummiest (that or I am just getting better at this LOL).  The flavors were fresh, the food lasted the longest uncooked and once cooked was so delicious.  Once again these are just main portions, not sides but even so still plenty of food and in some cases we had left overs.  All in all I recommend trying this one out, very organized.  SUBSCRIBE: They did not give me a coupon code 😦 so if they ask who referred you please put in Samantha Foster. https://www.blueapron.com/   #blueapron #blue #apron #blueaproncoupon #flavor #food #delicious

12) Hello Fresh– another thumbs up!  Was very impressed with everything from the packaging to the final meal.  Everything was easy to cook, well presented and yummy!  Portions were plenty big too.  Definitely recommend checking this one out.  SUBSCRIBEhttps://www.hellofresh.com/?c=9T7AQ8&fb_ref=Default
#hellofresh #hellp #fresh #freshfood #freshfoodsubscription #hellofreshcoupon

13) Green Chef– so I am sad to say, I am not as impressed with this one, least favorite of all!  1st, everything is everywhere no organization with the ingredients unlike all the #subscriptions above.  Its hard to sort through everything.  1st meal was only ok, kinds felt yucky after eating it (both of us), 2nd meal was very delicious & I still need to make our 3rd meal but it isn’t as exciting so I keep putting it off.  Everything is organic which is great. Meal selection is very limited which I didn’t like either. I canceled.  SUBSCRIBE: They did not give me a coupon code 😦 so if they ask who referred you please put in Samantha Foster. https://greenchef.com/home   #greenchef #green #chef #greenchefsubscription #greensubscription #organic #organicfood #organicfoodsubscription #greenchefcoupon

14) Bluum– tried this out for my kiddos, was very impressed upon opening it, reminded me a lot of #CitrusLane.  The only sad thing I subscribed for a 3 yr old and they sent me a glass cup for her and of course, the 1st time it was dropped it shattered everywhere which was a huge mess and made her sad.  Otherwise it was cute and I liked the contents.  SUBSCRIBEhttp://bluum.me/9GUA8fN

#bluum #bluumsubscription #kidsubscription #toysubscription #bluumcoupon

15) Try the World– So this #subscriptionbox is very different.  Its a speciality snack box for sure.  It comes with some very unique items you can’t find here or normally wouldn’t buy.  It also has recipe and party hosting ideas inside.  The packaging is amazing! Check out this #unboxing –https://instagram.com/p/4r1QeUtsKs/?taken-by=sfoster84  Anyhow, if you are looking for something different more in the snack variety check this out.  SUBSCRIBEhttp://fbuy.me/czHDX  **Note I went to cancel and completed all the questions they asked at the end so they gave me another 40% off coupon to get another box with so I accepted 🙂
#trytheworld #world #trytheworldsubscription #french #asian #frenchsubscription #moroccan #moroccansubscription #trytheworldcoupon

16) Jamberry– so who else is addicted to the Jamberry wraps?  Seriously all of my friends are using them and LOVE them!  Anyhow, I just learned that they have a subscription too- its called Stylebox.  Only $25 a month gets you $30 worth the nail wraps plus several supplies and a style guide!  Awesome huh?!  SUBSCRIBEhttp://meglovesjams.jamberrynails.net/stylebox/Start.aspx
#jamberry #jamberrysubscription #nails #nailwraps #nailpolish #jamberrycoupon

17) Fabletics- trying this one soon!

18) Tasting Room- trying this one soon!

19) Graze- trying this one soon!

20) Flaviar– I want to try this one so bad for the hubby but they do not ship to Texas. However for those whose states they do ship to, here is a discount code. SUBCRIBE: http://flaviar.com/i/NzQzNjI0ZkwqUzUj

21) Pinch Me– this isn’t a traditional subscription but rather a sample trial.  I just signed up and have not received anything yet so we will see.

13) Julep Beauty Box- ordered 9/8/15  SUBSCRIBE: http://refer.julep.com/v2/share/6192256881230802601

Recommended by others to try:

  • Stitch Fix: up next
  • Glossy Box: Try it here- https://www.glossybox.com/referal?CI=MTkwNjk4
  • Boxycharm: Might try this one but they have a lot of customer service complaints
  • ScentBird: Try it here- https://www.scentbird.com/r/scentbirdaccount2807
  • Julep: nail polish
  • Just Fab: shoes
  • Shoe Dazzle: shoes
  • Popsugar’s Must Haves: Variety of Life Items: https://popsugar.onlinecheckout.com/checkout/login.ssp?sc=6&login=T&referrer=130675
  • Nature Box: natural snack subscription
  • Vellabox: Candle Subscription
  • Cairn: Candle Subscription
  • Avery and Austin: Playdate Subscription
  • BarkBox: Dog Subscription
  • Kit Nip Box: Cat Subscription
  • Terra Bella Box: Handmade Bath & Beauty Products Subscription
  • OwlCrate: Book Subscription
  • Mystery Tackle Box: fishing subscription
  • Sprezza Box: Menswear Subscription
  • Harrison Blake Apparel: Lapel Pins & Neckties Subscription
  • Bakery Charm’s Sweet Surprises: Dessert Subscription
  • Tac Pack: Gun Gear Subscription
  • Goodness Me Box: Health Food Subscription
  • Box of Dread: Horror Swag Subscription
  • Box of Style: Fashion, Beauty & Accessories Subscription
  • The Spouse Box: Military Family Subscription
  • Her Shave Co: Swanky Shaving for Women Subscription
  • Bliss Box: Premier Lifestyle Women’s Celebration Subscription
  • Bean Box Co: Coffee Subscription
  • Love Goodly: Guilt & Cruelty Free Product Box Subscription
  • Your Jewelry Bar: Jewelry Subscription
  • Walmart Beauty Box: right when I think I have seen it all

So my question to you it…What do I subscribe to next?

5 Year Anniversary

I do not even know where to start.  I found this blog this evening, nearly 5 years to the date after starting it.  So so so very much has changed.  We now live in Houston, we have 2 kids, we have a home, we have a beautiful business and we are happier than ever.  God has blessed us richly!

I am ready to bring this part of my life back to life!  Stay tuned…

Late Birthday Present

So this past weekend we had a wedding in Rockport, TX which brought Jon & I down South.  Well, my dad’s birthday is today so we decided to celebrate a little early since we would be in town. Well upon this news my sister and her husband came into town and we threw a little party.  While there I was finally able to give my sister her birthday present from May and she gave me my present from July.  It was quite a celebration!  I’m here today to blog about my scrub brush.  Anyone who knows me know I love things to be clean and even occasionally just love to clean and part of Lauren’s gift supports my coffee drinking addiction (another story) and the other half supports my cleaning addiction.  I introduce to you my new scrub brush: 

Can you guess which one she gave me?  Yes, the head red brush!  And I Love it!  Last year for my birthday she gave me this dispenser for my dish soap.  Washing dishes in this household is actually quite fun!  So this post goes out to Lauren and having fun washing dishes!  Hope that everyone has a wonderful upcoming weekend.  We are headed to a mini date to Canton to visit Trade Days and to stay at a Bed & Breakfast and we can’t wait!


About a month ago Jonathan & I hit a “slow” point with our business.  By this I mean, we were not shooting &/or editing from 9:30am-midnight, 7 days a week.  During that time I decided to start my blog and got several great posts in then reality struck once again.  We are back to running 24/7 and although we love it, some things get sacrificed and one of those things is my personal blog.  I am happy to say that we had the afternoon off today and we are in Rockport so no office near by with a mom who spoils us so I have had time to blog and it is nice.  So although I may disappear for periods of time, I’m not gone.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!

New Favorite Restaurant!

Tonight Jonathan and I branched outside our box and drove across the street to a restaurant with fabulous ratings from several well known magazines and they were right.  Parma Pasta and Pizza is our new favorite chill place.  Amazing meal choices, delicious home made bread, extreme desserts and BYOB, we got to bring our favorite $5 bottle of wine.  Their prices are so cheap and the service is amazing!  $1.99 corking fee and the average plate is only $6.99.  This is a must visit!  Want a friend, call Jonathan & I, we would love an excuse to head over there 🙂